Impact of Hacı Bayram-ı Veli at Turkish Social and Culturel Life 

    This part is one of the most important sections of this website. Hacı Bayram-ı Veli is a great sufi who combined science and sufism. Firstly he studied on the Islamís scientific field and became professor in university had a lot of students, then he learned sufism. As a sufi he never leave and refuse the world life, on the contrary he worked for improvement of the world.  This behaviors is very progressive at His century in Sufism.

     There are many people around  Hacı Bayram-ı Veli from different culture levels and jobs, including  illiterate people and scientists like Aksemseddin, Eşrefoğlu Rumi, Yazıcıoğlu Muhammed, Germiyanoğlu Şeyhi as a student. His success is  amalgamation this different cultures in the same  couldren. Thus, although they devoted themselves to teach and train the religion and their sufi order to the  ordinary people and recruits  in the way that they had learnt from their Sheikhs in hospices.

     He advised agriculture and handicrafts to his students. Briefly he advised work to everyone, and was being living example to everyone by growing  up wheat, barley, vetch. He encouraged agriculture and handicraft to the Turkish groups who migrated to Anatolia from Asia , by this way they related to the land, got  permanent Turkish  unity at Anatolia. And this has a great goal for Ottoman  Civilization .

      His rule called imece, a collective work at reaping and harvesting the products together, is still has an applications at Anatolia.

     Rich and poor people forming the society by the opinion of Hacı Bayram-ı Veli .So he worked as a bridge between rich and poor people. He takes all the donations from rich people and gives them to the poor people. Specially at holy month Ramadan, he and his students walk around at the commercial centers in Ankara, shopkeeper gives them their donations. (According to  Islam rich Muslims must donate to poor people. We called this as Zekat (alms) . As a zekat rich Muslims must give 1/40 of their money to poor people in one year).

     So he collects all zekat (alms) and other donations at one box and gives to other poor including  the old without relatives ,widows, motherless Childs, boys and girls who donít possessed money for marriage , and poor students. This was the roots of todayís social welfare organizations.

      At his Dervish Convent ; he and his assistants teaches Islam, sufism and other sciences to the people. By this way they helped education of  the people too. And at this convent they offer vetch soup to visitors at any time. This was the Turkish tradition from Asia.